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I'm Camilla, welcome to my creative expression, Mojo Santos!

Camilla fashion designer yoga instructor queensland east coast australia 
I’m a yogini, traveller and lover of beauty.  I feel there is nothing more magical than the ability to create something beautiful with my own two hands. I’ve drawn, painted, danced and conversed deeply for as long as I can remember.  To me, life is our opportunity to experience and enjoy those little moments of absolute bliss; wherever you may find this, it’s different for everyone.  My moments are those floating in the crystal clear ocean, bathing in the sunlight or moonlight, wandering through new-found (to me) cultures, laughing with family and friends and in the joy of making something beautiful.  What are yours?
Art and design have always held a special space in my heart.  In my early years of primary school, I taught myself how to sew… on my Great Grandmother’s old, knee-lever, Singer! I’ve been designing, surface designing and making my own clothes since.
As life leads us, after school I was lead to Yoga. My life pivoted and a new phase had begun. I’ve been a Yoga Instructor and Yoga - Ayurvedic Therapist since 2013. Owning my own yoga studio, Chief Machu Picchu, for 4 years (another transformational period!).
Over time, I’ve come to realise that yoga and design are my calling, my dharma. Hence Mojo Santos bloomed out of desire to fulfil and express my passions; a journey to blend beauty, purpose and the sharing of wisdom has begun.  
I hope you gain as much joy out of Mojo Santos as I do,
Camilla xx



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